Life happens! 

Unfortunately, we unconsciously hold on to the stresses and traumas of life. That unconscious "holding" creates restrictions in our bodies and fascial system, almost like those areas are 'holding their breath'. The resulting restrictions manifest in a myriad of ways including imbalances, pain and general dis-ease. I engage with you to unwind those restrictions and pain, allowing those areas to 'breathe' again and get back to being in the flow of life. I take an intuitive approach. My training is diverse including massage/aquatic therapy, sports/injury rehabilitation, John F. Barnes Approach Myofascial Release (JBMFR), Cranio Sacral Techniques (CST) and various forms of energy therapies. We can develop a personalized, custom plan toward living your unlimited potential!

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• 1216 American Way
Suite 102
Libertyville, IL 60048

Or, as a "point of service" provider, I come to you where you can receive treatment in familiar surroundings.

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