This work is very different from any type of bodywork that you may have had in the past. Please bring shorts and a tank top to wear. During a session, I am evaluating your body in gravity...both while sitting and standing. We’re chatting about where you are feeling discomfort, or tightness, or simply “not quite right” or not in ease.  While we’re chatting, I’m looking and feeling...both where you tell me there’s not ease and also where it may be originating; where there are restrictions, imbalances, reduced flow.

It may feel you need to move or that I may be moving you….it’s called Unwinding. Go with it! It is helpful for me to see how your body is moving. It is also your body beginning to heal. The same may occur while laying down. I’m looking at and feeling your body AS A WHOLE. You  may also feel like you want to move, or that I am moving. I again invite you to please go with that.

Open communication is important between us. I get that you want to feel energetic and healthy quickly, but there may be multiple sessions to ensure that this happens at a pace in which you feel well. It is possible to heal in a graceful and easy manner, in which you come into wellness with ease. Your body and mind have to achieve a comfort level of receiving this. I do not force, and at any time, you can let me know to ease up or stop. You are in control.

It is important to remember you are a whole person, not simply a leg or an arm or a back or a foot. You are also an incredibly powerful, whole being: body, mind and spirit. I will never see just your symptoms, just your diagnosis, just the labels you may have been given. I see you. I appreciate your story thus far. And I know that if you choose, you can change that story.

  Introductory Offer

(New Clients)
One, 2 Hour Session – $200 

This session includes history, evaluation, and treatment. We will discuss what is happening in your body and how to bring it back into alignment with EASE.

(These Introductory fees are for in office appointments.
​Additional out of office fee for Introductory Offers start at $25.)

I invite you to experience my practice Reconnecting Your Unlimited Potential. For years I have been evolving my skills and blending them to create a truly unique experience!