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​For me, living with chronic pain is like experiencing all of life through a gray veil. Everything you see, taste, and hear happens through the gray of pain, and is muted. It robs your life of clarity and joy. 
At my first visit to my new doctor (Joseph Starkman, DO) I was going to tell him about the leg pain I had been having for the past year, and instead of words, this deep wailing came out of me. The pain, the stress, not finding any doctor or chiropractor who could figure  what was going on, and no end in sight, just overcame me with pent-up grief. The pain and immobility was getting worse over time, and I thought I was headed for having to use a walker, and maybe soon a wheelchair.
Then he gave me a name for my pain: myofascial syndrome. It came as a result of a series of lifting injuries followed by incorrectly overworking my legs at the gym while I was trying to heal the lifting injuries. He referred me to Rachelle, who he said was the master of myofascial release, which is what I needed. A week after my first visit with Rachelle, I had another appointment with Dr. Starkman. My blood pressure had gone from 160/90 to 110/70. He said it was amazing what pain control does for your blood pressure.  I've had 5 weekly sessions with Rachelle now. It hasn't been easy. The unwinding of knotted muscle and fascia has it's own kind of discomfort for the first 24-48 hours.  But over these 5 weeks my original pain level has gone down 95%... in 5 WEEKS, after no other practioner could help me for the past YEAR. My knee attachments  are still sore, and I still have a limp, but I'm improving every week. The change in my life is dramatic.  There's a light at the end of this tunnel, and things are looking so much brighter. How do you thank someone for that priceless gift? I feel my body healing. I feel my body supported in healing. I feel myself hurtling towards beautiful wellness... that's what Rachelle does. That's her Magic. ♡
Mary Czerwinski, BA, RN

I was a few days away from back surgery when I reached out to Rachelle.  I had gone through the usual cortisone shots and many years of physical therapy and nothing was helping.  My mobility was very limited and I spent my evenings icing my back so that I could make it to work the next day.  Through Rachelle’s wholistic therapy, my body was able to heal.  I’m mobile and active today and I have Rachelle to thank for that. -Brenda Kublank 

I have seen Rachelle for a few years now. I have always left her table feeling better than when I arrived.
Her positive energy must rub off on you and make your day more positive. Recently I fell and had some
additional swelling in my body, and she has been working hard to get the swelling to move on, get my
lymph system to work and handle the extra load I had given it. Most of the swelling from the fall is gone
but my body kept telling her it has other swelling. She followed the signals and something I have lived
with for 10+ years is now moving. I had my gallbladder removed arthroscopically many years ago. At
the time I had a very hard time healing the little holes from where the probes were inserted in my body
and one of them did not heal, the doctor had to re-open it and re-stitch it closed before it would close. I
always said I could feel where the tools had gone through my body, snipped off the gallbladder and
pulled it out my belly buttonhole. With Rachelle working on my belly, she was able to get the fluids
moving in my belly and it now wiggles. Never realized it was supposed to wiggle and be flexible not a
board. Feeling much better and able to bend better. Thank you, Rachelle seems so inadequate for the
work she does for me, and with me but it is the best work I have, Thank you. Trish

(This is just background information) I met Rachelle at a business event in Monterey, California. She spent 25 minutes with me at the time doing myofascial release. While I did not feel the effects at the time I DID have the side effects Rachelle warned me about, so I was pretty sure something happened.
It's now a month and a half later. She's in Illinois and I'm in California, so we are not likely to get together any time soon.
Wednesday evening I had an accident and smashed my hand pretty badly in a gate. 4 hours later the pain was reaching excruciating and I posted that I'd sprained my hand and wrist on Facebook. (I don't usually post that kind of thing, so the inspiration to do so baffles me.) Within minutes Rachelle commented on my post with, "Am I holding that for you this evening?"
We commented back and forth a couple times where I agreed and then I went on to look at other stuff. An hour and a half later she PMd me asking, "How's that feeling?" I gave it real thought and realized that the pain had receded significantly. I then commented that I was concerned about how it would feel in the morning (it was bedtime). She asked for permission to check in with it again, to which I agreed (duh!) and then went to bed.
The amount of pain in the morning was almost insignificant. Yes, sore, but no, not pain. And certainly not what I should be feeling from the injury I sustained.
I do not know how or what Rachelle managed to do. I do not believe in what I call woo-woo. I'm a hard science kind of person. But I BELIEVE in what Rachelle is doing! How can I not? I am living proof. The healing I received in miraculous.
It's been less than 2 days since I smashed my hand and I am almost pain free. I have no other reason for it besides whatever it is that Rachelle did.
I am thrilled and humbled. Thank you Rachelle Manieri!

​Changes I noticed after working with Rachelle? Let's see...I couldn't be upright for more than 15 minutes! After my sessions I was able to be upright...that meant holding my baby! That meant being a part of my family. That meant not literally crying looking at the clock looking forward to the next time I could take pain medication. What changes you ask...I GOT MY LIFE BACK! People who do not have serious pain can never comprehend the despair and sheer exhaustion that constant pain (or fear of coughing or sneezing) inflicts on a person. And to be freed from that constant pain?? Freed from that fear? Changes you ask...LIFE CHANGING, literally. Grateful is an understatement when thinking about how my life is now after my sessions with Rachelle...grateful not only for her incredibly skillful hands but also for her immense intuitive healing abilities...she is so incredibly gifted in her field...she knows her stuff and as such can respond to one's body as it responds to her treatment. She allows the body to speak and it's clues on what it needs to heal it. I am forever grateful for Rachelle. She gave me my life back. - Colette B.


Background: I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and scoliosis. I have been through 2 dozen chiropractors and another dozen massage therapists with some physical therapists mixed in throughout the 5 years I have been battling my conditions. 
To my knowledge there is no better therapist. If you choose Rachelle you will receive comprehensive care from a more than just competent therapist. She has every bit of knowledge necessary to address any ache or pain throughout the body. She has connections throughout Lake County and between her knowledge and expertise and that of her colleagues you will never be left wanting. She has an amazingly flexible schedule because she actually cares about every single one of her patients. Look no further if you are seeking any type of therapeutic services, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
  -Sean C.


I have many different lingering aches and pains.  While a normal massage can be relaxing, it did little for me as far as long term function.  The myofascial release method that Rachelle uses is not only relaxing, but it helped to restore full function in many of my joints.  It can be a long process at times, but Rachelle has a fascinating way of explaining what is happening as she performs her work.  Rachelle takes an enormous amount of pride in her work and very flexible with times and

location. -Justin B.

I saw Rachelle for myofascial release therapy. I'm not even sure I can fully express how calming and therapeutic her treatment is. I walked in with the usual buzz from the day; neck and shoulders tense, mood frazzled. I walked out a new person and continued to feel better over the next few days. Her style addresses your physical issues but she also has the ability to help you find peace and calm. As long as she's practicing, I'm a happy client.
  -Nina R.

Can't wait to see where this will go. So different from anything else I have tried. Feel much better after just one session. Rachelle is a special person. What's next? - ​Robert K.

I have scoliosis and I received treatment from her. She was very helpful in relaxing the muscles in my back . I would recommend her services. She has wonderful hands and she her treatment sessions are very helpful. She is creative and works with you for what you need. Thank you. Always looking forward to our next treatment.  -Ken N.

Rachelle was by far wonderful beyond words. She was able to reach and find points that I had no idea were bothering me and make me whole again. Add to that her calming and peaceful nature, and it was a terrific experience from beginning to end.  -Ryan L.

Each person is different and some clinicians have great intentions, but if you want results it's a lot better if the therapist actually takes the time to find out what you need and what will work for you. If you want to I have scoliosis and I received treatment from her, she was very helpful in relaxing the muscles in my back . I would recommend her services she has wonderful hands and she is very helpful with treatments and work with you for what you need. If you want to be better than OK all I can request is that you give it a try. You will not regret it. Your mind and your body will thank you.​  -Phillip M.

I've had different types of myofascial release massages over the years, and Rachelle's technique is by far the best. She has that special sensitivity to meet people where ever they are on their personal journey. I saw her shortly after breaking my elbow and she could tell just by the way I walked into the office that I was hurting. That session dealt with my physical pain and misalignment leaving me relaxed and feeling much less "broken". In other sessions we dealt with psychological and past life issues that surfaced to be healed and released. Throughout all our sessions Rachelle is extremely caring and attentive. Her devotion to clients is paramount and it comes through in everything she does. I can't recommend her enough!  -Pat H.